Knutstorp_race_track_2006This Saturday we went for a track day at the Knutstorp course in Sweden. Unfortunately it’s going to be my only track day this season. If you haven’t tried a track day yet, you really should. Then you will learn how important it is to get in at least a few every season. Because not only does it make you a safer motorcycle rider, but pushing your limits on a race track also counts as some of the best fun you can have with your motorcycle. The weather was kind of shitty at first, but the sun came out and tyres started to get scuffed all the way to the edges. I can’t give you any of the first person shooter shots; because I didn’t have anywhere to stuff the camera while riding (you’re not allowed to go with a tank bag). But what you see in the video is some of the more experienced classes having a go. Don’t let it scare you off from a track day, in the beginner classes you drive much slower and in a single row with no overtaking.

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6 Responses to “The best way to break in your tyres”

  1. The Snark  August 23rd

    Heh, that’s exactly how I scrub in new tyres as well. And bed in new brake pads.

  2. Jesper  August 23rd

    It’s the only way to do it 😉

  3. Dynamike  August 23rd

    The only thing is that if the tires a new new, you might want to put a couple of hundered miles on them before you go out for a track day. Most manufacturers will apply a sealant to protect the tires from dry rot while they sit on the shop’s shelves for an undisclosed amount of time.

    I just wish I could find a track to ride. Something tells me that the police cruiser wouldn’t be too welcome on a track though 😉

  4. The Snark  August 24th

    Dynamike : That’s we we do during the ride to the track itself…scrub the sealant off the tyres. They are nice and warm once we hit the track 🙂

  5. Jesper  August 24th

    Yes, the sealant is no problem. If you change tyres at the track, just go easy for a few laps. If the sun is out and the tyres get hot quickly the sealant is gone in no time.

    But you are right, Dynamike, you got to watch out with new tyres. But it’s more important on the road I think, as your tyres hardly ever heat to the perfect work temperature during e.g. city rides.

  6. wheel balancing machine  April 6th

    Nice photo!Honestly,i never tried joining a track event.I just love to watch those events especially if a friend is a participant.It’s really fun and enjoy.

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