The day finally came

March 23rd, 2005 Jesper Bram 3 Comments » | View blog reactions

Those of you who saw my riding condition post, know that it has not been the best riding weather in Denmark for a while. It even looked like it was going to keep us away from the first big annual motorcycle rally. Each year when a Copenhagen amusement park “Bakken” opens for summer, thousands of motorcycle riders mark the occasion by driving in procession from the centre of Copenhagen to the amusement park just outside the city. But this year the weather kept most people away, only 500 or so riders gathered and the opening of the park, which usually also marks the beginning of a new riding season, where celebrated with the fewest participants in several decades.

TheHornet919_2005firstrideUntil two days before the event the temperature where below zero and there was still drifts of snow lying on the roads here and there. Then came the rain and hopes emerged that we might be able to make it to the rally after all. On the day of the rally it was cloudy and temperature where around ten degrees celsius. I got up early and smacked the battery back on the bike, started at first push, put some air in the tires and drove off to work ready for the rally in the evening if the weather would let us. Weather kept dry and we attended the rally five people and three bikes about one third of the bunch we where last year. But it was good, real good and not to cold as many people predicted. The first ride of 2005 and it was just perfect! Sure feels good to be back on the motorcycle again.

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3 Responses to “The day finally came”

  1. James Allgood  March 23rd

    Before you know it you will be complaining about the heat!

  2. Jesper  March 23rd

    Thank you for commenting James.
    He he, yes you’re probably right.

  3. Lance Costa  July 25th

    Realy, realy nice work! I was impressed! My own are

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