The greatest adventure ever

August 3rd, 2011 Jesper Bram Comments Off on The greatest adventure ever | View blog reactions

You have a dream, hopefully everybody has. I guess around here our dreams evolve around motorcycles one way or the other. Some people are blessed to be able to live out that dream. Lately we have seen some pretty cool stories about people who have had some really cool experiences on motorcycle. Deciding to pursue your dreams almost always involve shit loads of work. But the hope is always that it will pay off in the end.

Recently I set out on the greatest adventure of my life so far. Together with my good friend the German Photographer Dirk Behlau, I set out to create a documentary film about the culture around custom motorcycles and cars world wide. We want to do something different and tell a really good story about some of the greatest artists living today. Stray a away from the jack ass like look that dominates a bit too much and make it rock for whooping 75 minutes to an audience that gets bored after 3 minutes. That’s a pretty damn challenging task, but we can make it.

To show we can deliver on our promise, we have already funded most of the filming our selves. Now we are in the final phase of shooting and it’s time to raise some funds. We are doing this through crowd funding. Which essentially means that you, yes YOU, can participate in the creation of the film by preordering the DVD or claiming some of the other super cool perks we have created for you. You can check out the options here

This is not a charity. We want to give you something in return for your support. You can choose perks from 5$ to 65.000$ and everywhere in between. What ever you choose, we appreciate your support.

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