The Harbortown Bobber is the latest movie from the independent motorcycle movie makers Scott Di Lalla and Zack Coffman. The movie follows the ground up building process of Scott’s custom Triumph.


If you’re into the whole backyard do it your self motorcycle building you will absolutely love this movie. It is stuffed with tips and tricks from guys that have been building, fabricating and welding for decades. Guys like Irish Rich, Earl Kane , J-Bird, and Dennis Goodson show and tell all kinds of neat tricks.

Even if you’re not into building motorcycles, this is a great movie to watch for getting a masks off look into what this culture is all about. If you are tired of the staged fiction TV Shows, this movie is the real deal. No drama crap, just people who know what they’re doing showing how they work.

There’s plenty of things I like in The Harbortown Bobber, but the scene where Scott fires up the finished bike and takes it for the first spin all most got me a little misty. It so much reminded me of the first spin I had on my own bike after it was rebuilt. SHIT! that was a good feeling.

Your buddies are there and everyone is a bit anxious if the engine will run. You fire it up for the first time and everybody cheers. You take it for a short spin. Your heart is in your throat waiting for something to break but it doesn’t. You take it back and put it on the kickstand. Get off the bike and just watch it, listening to the idle. Then it hits you… Yeah! that’s my fucking motorcycle and it actually runs. That’s just the best. Of course it can go in the complete opposite direction as well. Where the crap wont even start, and when it finally does start some shit short circuits and all your wires go up in smoke. Lots of stuff can go wrong, but that’s why it’s so great when everything just goes right.

The Harbortown Bobber is a bloody awesome movie and the score is pretty good as well. I’m giving it top grades and I’m getting in line for the soundtrack.

Oh yes! one more thing. A word of advice my friend. This movie will make you want to build something. So if you don’t have the time or money for that. Get rid of that old roller in the garage before you start watching this movie.

Highly Recommended: Verdict: 5/5 helmets

The Harbortown Bobber Trailer

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7 Responses to “The Harbortown Bobber DVD Review”

  1. Mr. Motorcycle  December 10th

    Thanks for the review. Makes me want to get it and watch it right now. Think I will get it, but unfortunately will have to wait to watch some other time.

  2. Used ATVs  December 15th

    it is great post. Thanks for the sharing.

  3. UK Vintage  March 2nd

    That preview inspires me to see it and watch it sooner than later.

  4. Paul  May 31st

    Nice post. It’s always more fun when things go right. Never give up!

  5. Evan Fell  June 18th

    It’s hard to tell from that trailer what the movie is actually like. I assume it’s somewhat instructional? Or does it just chronicle a single build? Either way, I’ll have to get a copy.

  6. Jesper  June 21st

    It’s not really instructional. More like following a single build and the various people who made parts for it.

  7. Triumph Motorcycles  October 1st

    Nice Post. Keep it up…

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