No I’m not talking about some lame scoot where a deluded nutter used a skull as headlight and bones as handlebars. No, this I believe is what the devil rides for real. Not sure which magma bursting pit this sick contraption sprouted from, but it might be somewhere in Russia. It looks inspired by a Boss Hoss, but must be built/conjured by chief mad sorcerer Rasputin himself. It might be what Tina Turner rode around the set at Mad Max and the Thunderdome, for what I know. The photos says it all, and there’s more here if your dare. Just prey you don’t run in to this bike and the one who rides it on a dark stormy knight; for then your time has come…

Scary motorcycle

scary motorcycle restored

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14 Responses to “The true motorcycle from hell”

  1. Liz (rippin-kitten)  September 11th

    It looked better black!

  2. Jesper  September 12th

    Yes, a lot better.

  3. Pan Chopper Man  September 16th

    Hell yea, that kid worked his little heart out on that thing.
    I like it… and if it were at a bike show I might even tear myself away from the knuckles and pans for a moment to go look at it.

    Good build job, Rasputin.

  4. Pan Chopper Man  September 18th

    Hey Fatfuckerhead, take notes.

  5. FLSTN  September 21st

    wow, I agree much better black. Like to see some more shots of the machine

  6. FAthead  October 2nd

    I Must say that is a lot of hard work right there . I like it either way black or purple its fucking cool looking . alot of talent in this machine , Keep building them any way you want and who cares what anyone else thinks . DILLIGAF .

    Hey PAN MAN , you gotta take notes . on my asshole

  7. superdick  November 15th

    love that front brake! no way in hell it will stop that monster!

  8. hauserss  July 1st

    This bike is nutts!! Awesome build very creative. Wondering how it handles and all that? Fuckin sweet.

  9. therustedspoon  March 9th

    Totaly rocking bike shows amazing engineering and creativity id be honored to ride with its creator.

    PS is that a missile i see in the background WTF Russians !!!!!!!

  10. DUDE  March 30th

    the first one looks like a peice a shit
    the other one is a waste of time

  11. Lou  May 29th

    Holy Christ is that a fucking V8!

  12. Brandon Scott  July 4th

    Tina Turner will always be a legend in music history.;,;

  13. Aimee Chapman  August 2nd

    Tina Turner offers a great vocal range and such powerful voice~,,

  14. steve  December 29th

    I want one of those! Any prints and specs floating around here in cyberspace?
    The bank got my FLHTC, the truck, and the house. Most people would have said get a lawyer and file…… My thoughts, when I went to school and took math 2-2=0, job can = a paycheck, no job means no paycheck. So who pays the attorney fees? No job= no check= repo man. Shit happens right?? Any way my next venture will be something the vultures cant feed on, looks bad ass, and still enjoy the wind in my face.

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