You might recall being in awe as a kid watching the guys ride motorcycles on the vertical wall they call The Wall Of Death. I recall it as one of the biggest highlights when there was a town fare where I grew up. Over the years you might have seen it hundreds of times, but it never stops being awesome.

The photographer Benedict Cambell made this beatifull short film about The Ken Fox Troupe one of the last remaining traditional family of daredevil wall riders to travel europe and the British Isles.

This summer I had the pleasure of shooting photos of my friends in The Arctic Pinheads pinstriping, the motorcycles of another classic Wall of Death troupe called Demon Drome. Check out the photos below.

Pinstriped motorcycle photos by Jesper Bram

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2 Responses to “What resides behind the Wall of Death.”

  1. Bud Miller  January 1st

    Nice pics. Love the film too. Great stuff, thanks!

  2. Ivor  January 16th

    I also remember seeing a globe of death once as well as a kid, really awsome

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