Arai Astro J Aurora Red, on the operating table
It has been a splendid weekend, clear blue sky every day. As you can imagine we’ve been doing nothing but blasting around the countryside having heaps of fun. Except for the minor detail that I messed up my Arai helmet and had to ride with my worn out old cheap ass AGV lid.

Saturday morning I decided to take the visor off the Arai for cleaning, and struggling with it I managed to break off the right side pod. Yes! Real nice job.

After the panic attack; the shouting and cursing; and the damning Arai to hell for making such an unusable visor mounting system. I went into “I can fix this” frenzy and ran out and got the strongest glue they had in the nearest store. You probably already guessed it; it didn’t hold for 2 seconds, broke off as soon as I tried to put the pod and visor back on. I even left it to harden for 24 hours as the instructions said, but no luck. But Arai is not that eligible for a visit to hell after all, because they sell spares. They charge you an arm and a leg for those small pieces of plastic, but it is a lot cheaper than a new lid, and they know it.

So I ordered the spares from the local shop and just got them today. Everything is snapped back together and it’s fantastic being back in the Arai again. It really is a nice helmet, but damn I wish I hadn’t.

First impression rating: Highly recommended 4/5 helmets
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One Response to “Times when you wish you hadn’t”

  1. Thomas Williams  October 5th

    i have panic attacks and my doctor reccomends relaxation exercise-,;

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