2006_FZ1_N_PhotoIt seems, at least to me, that unfaired motorcycles are not as popular in U.S as they are in Europe. I was kind of disappointed when I saw the new Yamaha FZ1 and it looked like they weren’t going to produce an unfaired version. That was until I saw their European site where they show the unfaired version of the FZ1, and the new MT-03 (not that there’s a faired version of the MT-03, but it’s only available in Europe).

2006_FZ1_S_PhotoThe faired version of the FZ1 is just a little to commuter boring for my taste (no offence). I like the thought of a fun scoot that will blast you out of the saddle if you twist its ear too hard. A small flyscreen is acceptable (have to say that since I have one on my 919), but for me, feeling the wind pressure on my chest enhance the sense of “being there”, freedom if you will. I’d like to have a full faired crotch rocket for track days and the occasional mad trip with the lads around the back country twisties.

But you won’t see me buying a quarter faired commuter bike. Then again there is no rule without exceptions. I’d consider buying one of the more touring geared contraptions like the Suzuki DL 1000 or the Ducati Multistrada, and I guess they are half faired. But of course that’s just my opinion. A thing I like about the motorcycle riding lot; we all have different opinions, but a passion for two wheels in common. We can freely discuss our opinions on motorcycles, without throwing bombs at each other. If it gets too much, you can always just get on your bike and ride into the sunset.

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4 Responses to “To fairing or not to fairing”

  1. Markus Derailius  October 11th

    I was just mentioning this fact in a recent entry to my blog…I’m not really sure if there is a true American prefrence for full/half-faired motorcycles. I believe this is something that has been imposed on us by the companies. I personally hate the fact that I can’t purchase a nice bike that I see in all the mags because someone in Japan believes I(as an American) won’t like it.
    If the YamXJR1300 was here, the large hornet, or the MT series bikes were here I’d personally have to sell my car ’cause I’d probably own them all!

  2. Deacon51  October 21st

    I have a ’03 FZ1 that I truly love. The thing I like so much about it is that it isn’t to hard to pull the fairing off and replace the headlight with one off a 919. It looks very good and I have seen many do it. You can also add lowers and hard bags at tour on the thing.

    But, I do hate seeing all the wonderful bikes that they get in Europe and Asia. Heck, they even get better aftermarket stuff.

    There are tons of motorcycles that I would love to try out but will never even get a chance to see.

  3. Jesper  October 25th

    Thank you for commenting guys. In this case, I’m glad to be on this side of the pond.

    But look on the bright side, at least you guys are allowed to rebuild bikes more or less as you wish. Here, in Denmark, you can hardly change tyres without “the man” interfering.

  4. UK Biker  December 23rd

    I’m with you on the fairing thing – I’ve had faired sports bikes mostly (Thunderace, Fireblade, 851) and tried out an unfaired SV1000 the other day – brilliant

    I’ve already ordered a black FZ1 for as soon as they are released

    150BHp, upright sitting position, no fairing – bring it on

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