I was recently asked if I would do a guest top 10 list of motorcycle blogs for There’s a heck of a lot to choose from and lots of blogs that cover specific topics about motorcycle riding. You could easily pick 10 good blogs within a specific category. But instead I chose to pick 10 blogs that in my opinion is among the best, but also very different from each other. So if you cover these 10 blogs you’re pretty well set up, and they’ll probably lead you to more interesting blogs down the road.

It’s always nice when people listen to you, and even nicer when you get acknowledged as an influencer within your field. I enjoyed making the list, I hope people will enjoy reading it. You can find the complete list here.

Yea, and now I also get to stick this badge on my blog…woot 😉
Find the best blogs at

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19 Responses to “Top 10 motorcycle blogs on”

  1. Sen  May 18th

    Linkfail? I clicked and clicked but the image took me nowhere 😉

  2. Ted  May 19th

    Nice one Jesper….

  3. Highsider  May 19th

    You forgot one 😉

  4. Jesper  May 19th

    Fixed the link Sen, guess I was a little fast there. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. AtlasRider  May 19th

    Thanks for adding me Jesper! I’m flattered.

    I’m number one! What an honor…oh it’s alphabetized 😛

  6. stangbiker  May 20th

    Great site, great place to hang out when it’s raining and I ain’t riding.

  7. tazstangbiker  May 20th

    Great site, great place to hang out when it’s raining out and I can’t ride. Thanks.

  8. Mustang Johnny  May 20th

    Great sit, great place to hang out when it’s raining and I ain’t riding. Thanks.

  9.  May 24th

    Cool! I’ll check these links and maybe link to them on my blog 🙂

  10. cars review  May 31st

    Awesome list to find excellent article about motorcycles.Thanks for sharing

  11. Ron  June 1st

    good one! 🙂

  12. Ron  June 1st

    Good one!

  13. Max Manroe  June 10th

    Hey man, you forgot one, you need to put me on the list 🙂 Any way thanks for the list may be I can link to them

  14. DeWayne Stark  June 21st

    Try looking at my speedway motorcycle blog at:

    I race and the blog is viewed from both sides of the crash wall

  15. ET  June 23rd

    what about BikeSafer blog

  16. Guilty Customs  June 29th

    love your choices. I had 8 of the 10 you listed. Anxious to see your new build too. btw, follow us too on

  17. TheBikeNut  September 25th

    I’ve recently started reading your blog, must admit it is now becoming an almost daily routine. Great content and lots and lots to read while I’m stuck at work

    Keep it up mate!!

  18. Fq  July 8th

    Need motorbike clothing in lowest rate contact at

  19. Shareef Hassan  August 5th

    Jesper! I’ve looking desperately for such a blog list! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

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