Normally you wouldn’t find much Scooter related stuff here on Helmet Hair. But this japanese trend is simply too wild not to mention. Apparently it has become a sport to customize the big scooter, like e.g. the Yamaha Majestic. Some of them look totally insane. Air Ride and killer paint jobs. Check out some of the most rad ones here.

Custom scooters rule in Tokyo

Japan09 Osaka-2



Wai's Ruckus

Japan09 Osaka-4

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5 Responses to “Totally Crazy Custom Scooters”

  1. Rafael James  October 9th

    These are really big scooters than an average scooter. Japanese are always do inventions in Motorcycles and Cars. All the pics are quite cool.

  2. Wiredwizard  October 9th

    Some of these have more custom parts & paint then some top builder bikes I’ve seen.

  3. Hue Jacobs  October 15th

    While these are certainly extreme, the idea of customizing scooters IS NOT new. I’m an old school hard-core scoooter rider, and while my idea of a customized scooter is a chromed out ’54 Lambretta with an expansion chamber and modified ports and flywheels, these are pretty nice.

    Do none of you remember the Mods from the 60s? Some of us have been customizing scooters for a very long time.

  4. Eztravler  October 15th

    As a Maxi-Scooter rider I can appreciate the time and money they invested in the bikes. As a scooter rider I have found that the Live Free-Ride Free usually only pertains to those who ride what you do. ie.. HD. Shame bikers who are all about do your own thing are so narrow minded when it comes to scooters. A scooter is is just motorcycle with a step-thru design. Granted most are 300cc. It takes the same skills and they take the same risk to enjoy a 2 wheeled lifestyle as and other motorcyclist. They enjoy the ride a little quieter and slower.

  5. Nikolai vohnsen  February 25th

    Wow impressive!

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