Later this year a movie called Wild Hogs will hit the cinemas. It’s basically the same theme as the movie City Slickers with Billy Crystal, but the horses are replaced with Harleys. I’m pretty sure I’ll not be watching this in the cinema, but I’ll probably rent it when the DVD is out. Looks more or less crappy, but hey! it’s got motorcycles in it, and it just might bring a smirk out here and there. The movie is not generating that much fuss online either. A few blogs mention how fat John Travolta has become, after finding some photos from the shoot. Then of course there’s the little mishap where Hells Angels sues Disney for using their logo in the movie.

Well, here’s the trailer. I bet you that when we’ve seen this movie, our greatest pleasure will be mocking it with the other bikers at the local hangout.

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6 Responses to “Trailer of the new motorcycle movie we will love to hate”

  1. giest  January 24th

    Here’s the big beautiful difference between those two movies though: No Billy Crystal. It may actually be funny.

    It still may be crap, but I’m willing to check my brain at the door for the duration.

  2. James -  January 24th

    I had heard a lot about the movie but now that I see the trailer I might want to see it now. . . on DVD but still it is going into the Netflix queue

  3. bikergrady  January 25th

    I think this might actually be funny, check your brain and reality at the door and kick back LYAO. There is nothing wrong with laughing at ourselves and what we love to do. cya on the road

  4. Jesper  January 25th

    Yes, it definitely falls into the “what to watch with a hangover” category.

  5. ken  January 13th

    A year later, and I just saw it. I’d say you pretty much hit the nail on the head

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