Two Wheel Terrors 2 is the latest movie from the Vanschyndel brothers in the lines of the skater movie like motorcycle DVD’s that has been surfacing over the last few years.

Two Wheel Terrors 2 is stuffed with cool motorcycles covering everything, I think, except crotch rockets and big touring bikes. But mostly it’s a tribute to the home builders or small shops running from a garage and the likes. It’s safe to say that mass produced factory parts are not the favorite food in this culture.

These guys deserve all the lime light they can get. To me building your own bike and riding the crap out of it afterward has always been the core of, let’s call it, the more rebellious motorcycle culture. This is where the myths and the legends come from. Not that there’s anything wrong with just buying a bike and riding it. Not everyone has the knowledge, time, or money to build their own bike. But you got to acknowledge the people who do.

Especially I noticed Foundry Moto, Slim Fabrication. Which you should check out for some cool builds. You should also check the stunt rider Jason Pullen. He flicks around a Sportster like it was a pogo stick.

Here’s the trailer

The only thing I miss in Two Wheel Terrors 2 is more of the builders explaining what they did and why when building their bikes. I’m a sucker for those building tales. But on a cold winter night hanging out with your buddies talking shit about where you’re gonna ride next summer. The DVD fits like an old leather glove you’ve used for years.

Highly Recommended: Verdict: 4/5 helmets
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10 Responses to “Two Wheel Terrors II, DVD review”

  1. Sam  January 21st

    Nice trailer. The engine noise and the music really gets your blood pumping!! cheers.

  2. Dara  January 21st

    Same thing, to me, as building your own car and drag racing it. Most of the fun and beauty of it is the fact that you built and tweaked it to optimal performance yourself.

  3. Jesper  January 22nd

    Yea that’s right. Not that I have ever built a drag racing car, or a motorcycle for that matter. I just splash paint on stuff. But I know what you mean.

  4. Road Captain  January 22nd

    Cool to see stunts on a sporty.

  5. Foglesong  January 30th

    I build mine to see if I could and along the way I beat some bikes from some big shops. Mine was dragstip only no hot rod my mommy bought me.

  6. Jack Chase  January 31st

    woah thats pretty cool. It gets my heart racing when i see stuff like that. Also inspires me to get back into the garage and potter about more

  7. Ian  January 31st

    This is great, really gets you adrenalin pumping

  8. Katie Lawrence  February 12th

    This is a great video!!! I love guys that ride bikes.


  9. miguel  March 10th

    Amazing video!

  10. wingnut  September 27th

    Road Captain, get a clue, its not a sporty. Its called a FXR!!!

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