Every country have a trend in motorcycles depending on various factors. In Denmark you see a lot of less expensive bikes like the 600cc Suzuki Bandit because taxes are insane and it’s a pretty deasent bike that has a lot of after market parts available. In Germany you obviously see a lot of BMW’s. In Italy a lot of Ducatis etc. etc.

But every once in a while you come across a motorcycle that stands out from the norm. Here’s a few bikes I saw in Berlin, Germany, that you don’t see every day.

70’s style kawa chopper
First off is this sweet Kawazaki chopper that looks like it was taken straight out of a 70’s chopper magazine. It might be an original that was actually built in the 70’s. Then somebody took really good care of it. Maybe it’s a new build by someone who paid very close attention to the style from back then. One or the other it’s a really sweet motorcycle.



Yamaha XT 500
Second motorcycle is a real classic. An 80’s something Yamaha XT 500. I remember wanting to have one of thos when I was a kid. Looks like the exact same color combination as the ones we saw back then. Might not be in mint condition but still in pretty good state for a bike that looks like it has been an everyday rider for 20 years.


Two very different bikes. But equally high ranking in coolness and style. It’s great that people actually ride bikes like this instead of them just sitting in a garage unused somewhere.

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13 Responses to “Unusual motorcycles from the streets of Berlin”

  1. Atgatt Rat  July 30th

    I agree it’s great to see interesting bikes, something that stands out from the crowd. And I agree that bikes should be ridden! There’s something beautiful about a daily rider … Even though they’re not polished and cleaned, they’re loved and used.

  2. Sam  August 1st

    That Kawasaki is pretty cool. Wonder if its a single or an inline twin.

  3. Jesper  August 2nd

    It’s an inline twin.

  4. kontes seo aristia wida rukmi  August 7th

    Love those XT I build my 100CC bike just like it… 😀

  5. David Novak  August 12th

    If you think this is interesting check this out…www.twitter.com/smartchopper

  6. gurgle  August 12th

    Nice! I’ve been looking for one of those Kowalski Choppers for ages, and that’s the perfect colour…looks like I’m heading to Germany!

  7. Max Manroe  August 13th

    The Kawasaki chopper looks very cool, classic and also good looking, it’s seems the owner love these bike very much. But I think the rider parking that bike in the wrong place… 🙂


  8. Indian news  August 21st

    indeed good and powerful bike
    but i don’t thing it is available other parts of world.


  9. Shenandoah bed and breakfast  August 25th

    Wow!! what a beautiful looks, It is made only for me. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Big Sur  September 11th

    I love the XT500. The bike is classic.

  11. MitchMotors  October 2nd

    The XT 500 is an single 4stroke…
    The motor was later used for the Yamaha SR500 which is a cheap an nice motorcycle that can be used for building great choppers. Check out bratstyle.com for examples, altough thy used the SR 400 due to the taxes system in Japan.

  12. Frank  October 6th

    If you think this is interesting check this out…www.weirdbike.com

  13. Kelticwolf  October 25th

    XT500 what a great bike i had a 250 I will own a XT500 one day

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