Just stumbled upon this beast of a machine on ebay. Someone stuffed a 2.5 liter V6 Alfa Romeo engine in a Harley frame, and did a damn good job doing it. I’m not a big fan of car engine powered motorcycles, but this one actually looks pretty neat. As the ad reads, don’t expect to ride this contraption to work every day, it requires a lot of maintenance. Not to mention that it would be virtually impossible to get it approved for street use, at least in Denmark. But if you want a show stopper for bike meets, this would be a pretty good bet.

Alfa Romeo Custom Motorcycle
Alfa Romeo Custom Motorcycle
Alfa Romeo Custom Motorcycle
Alfa Romeo Custom Motorcycle

Via: Ebay

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35 Responses to “V6 Alfa Romeo custom motorcycle”

  1. Jack  July 22nd

    What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why in the hell would anyone dress up in some leather halloween costume on an 85 degree day, jump on to a tremendously unsafe vehicle and drive around going nowhere? And what is with the constant fucking engine revving? Do these pieces of shit stall if you do not keep gunning the engine or is this some kind or 1967 high school obsession where loudness is equated to coolness? It is a fucking joke watching you morons gun your damn engines every time you go under and underpass or through a tunnel. Grow the fuck up. Tell me also why ever time I see a woman on the back of one of these things with her arms wrapped around her dirt bags big fat beer gut, that women is the size of an NFL fullback and looks like some raked over the coals war pig? If these fucking machines are so cool why do only fat chicks seem to dig them? Motorcycles and the people who ride them are a fucking nuisance. Some poor 28 year old bastard was killed on one of these pieces of shit here yesterday and, yes, it was his fault. Had he been in a car like a normal person he would still be here. Pure stupidity.

  2. Jack thinks you and your motorcycle are a fucking nuisance  July 23rd

    […] got this hilarious comment on a previous post, and thought it was too funny not to mention. It’s safe to say that this guy, who calls […]

  3. Colin  July 24th

    If Jack hates bikes so much why is he looking on Bike websites maybe to sort out his faillings in life,and everyone is entiteled to Ride or Drive whatever they want,even that dipshit Jack,a failed biker maybe?

  4. learning to ride a motorcycle  August 13th

    Everybody is entitled to his own opinion. Its quite dangerous, but appearance wise, its cool and stylish.

  5. ron  August 22nd

    Hey lighten up! Chris did a great job on the alfabike and give him the credit for finishing a project which many are unable.
    the lucky and proud new owner of the alfabike Ron

  6. Jesper  August 22nd

    Hey Ron, you bought the Alfa bike? You got to send us a video of you riding it. We want to see it in action.

  7. ron  August 23rd

    Jesper the new home of the Alfabike is Camarillo Ca. I’m 100% happy with chris barber creation. Chris did a very good job on the bike and very solid. looks just like the pic’s. I’ll be posting some of my other bikes at a later time. I’m going out of town but as soon as i get back I’ll be on the bike to a local show. Thanks Ron

  8. Jeremiah  September 13th

    Motorcycles don’t kill people. people kill people. MOTORCYCLES are acctually very safe in the right hands, and as long as some dumnass talking on a cell phone doesn’t run you over, it’s all good. keep you head up and scan ahead becarefull out there and ride hard LATERS!

  9. Jetson  December 20th

    I believe “Jack” needs to go “Jack Off” his emotions…spurt…you fuck

  10. rodolfo  January 28th

    i think the bike is really cool,the dumbass of the guy that was saying crap about motorcycles and our lifestyle is because he has no life so get some bucks and buy one with two wheels and a 4 cylinder engine.

  11. iyad  April 25th

    great bike man .. i really appriciate what u have .. its a uniqe machine no douts about that ..i really like to see it in action like others, or at least hear the sound of the engine..

  12. Boxman  June 20th

    a) 1967 high school obsession?
    b)Grow the fuck up.
    c)Girls on bikes
    D)in a car like a normal

  13. Boxman  June 20th

    love this bike! is it running a harley type gearbox

  14. Jesper  June 22nd

    Don’t know what it is Boxman, but it do look like a Harley type gearbox

  15. Alfa 6  June 28th

    Yeah, I have about 4 ouf those engines, 3 in cars but the 4:th is free…

    It’s a pitty that I’m not skilled like Chris Barber 😉

  16. Tim  July 5th

    Jack you have a shallow mind and probally no balls bet your girl would like a ride on my low rider. Then again you may not like women. When you hear loud pipes from now on its a Fuck you from me and my brothers loser.

  17. ron  July 7th

    hi yes it’s a 4 speed harley kick start Ron

  18. fm  July 15th

    Hey jack:
    Best U move to a new planet, this one’s not good nuff for yah. It’s too diverse, to rad, tooooo modern.

    Shame you didn’t list YOUR hobby, we’d LOVE to pick it apart… is it sewing?

  19. Shovel Tim  July 18th

    Dear Jack;
    For those who understand,no explanation is needed. For those who don’t, none is possible.


  20. God  August 14th

    My children why squabble.

    you should all just work 1 day a week and eat a bowl of rice and pray to me on the other 6

    failing that – get you OWN life, live it as you choose, let others live theirs but mind you dont tread on each others toes

    its your call my little ones

    ps cool bike , even if it is noisey to others and dangerous to the rider

    slave to the system or slave to your own desires – either way you are a slave

  21. Lowen braugh  October 23rd


    Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. Go fuck yourself jack. little mind, little boy. fuck you. fuck this fuck that, go fuck yourself. hell do it twice you sure have earned it. did I mention, Go fuck yourself little boy jack. I have no beer gut, have owned over 30 motorcycles, have not caused an accident, don’t have loud pipes, and don’t generally offer useless pointless comments about an interest I have no interest in. Sounds like jack is a fudge pounder and is having a tough time coming to reality about it. What do you ride Jack? other boys assholes? fuck off.

  22. Dunny  December 21st

    I bet you this “Jack” hates bikes because he never been able to pick up chicks with his scooter and therefore he hated the guys with the chick and the chopper. If he isn’t that, I bet you he is an old man in his rocking chair outside of his house waving his cane going: “DAMN YOU SONNIES!!!”

  23. Tyson  February 11th

    I sure hope that bike has fairings of some sort i can imagine starting it up the first time and having the cam gears tear my calves to peices! I dunno about anyone else but i rev my engine through tunnels with or without people around.

  24. Jayden  April 20th

    Hmmm, Jack you seem to be unaware of the statistics of crashes on our roads and guess what suprise suprise it’s the cars that make up 95% of these statistics, i’m not going to tell you that we don’t go fast or rev our engines whenever we can because that would be bullshit, and any extras whatever they are we enjoy as well this may involve 1:Cheaper fuel 2:Free Parking 3:Less waiting in traffic And dare i say it 4:Women and who cares what they look like, not every one can be as shallow as you Jack and I apologize for that for maybe someday we will all live in a world that revolves around you and everything can be just as you like it. Anyway on another note Congrats on the Alfa Bike Looks awesome makes my bike (honda VT750) look like a kids toy Hope you have lots of fun with it! Jayden

  25. Aussie Pete  May 18th


  26. John Von Toffton  June 8th

    Jack, Jack….
    I ride a motorcycle. The drag pipes are loud. I am six foot two and two hundred and twenty pounds. I like the sound of my revving engine. It lets those in cages know I am there. My wife, “Chick” is only one hundred pounds and quite sweet and pretty. As a 31 year veteran law enforcement officer, and PPCT / defensive tactics instructor, I can tell you that I am not a nuisance, but rather the person that keeps the likes of you safe. When you hear the pipes roar, know that justice is near.

  27. Raff  July 22nd

    jack and john, both need a beating. Shut up, admire the workmanship and the power. Then close your browser and go see if you can fuck your woman without having to get her drunk or lubed up first. You’re both pansys. Its an ace bike and a great job. Dont bring your egos and insecurities to us real men who enjoy our bikes, babes and having balls..

    Cheers dickheads.

  28. John Von Toffton  August 9th

    I like the bike. A bit much compared to my 1100cc. Raff, you will be alright…


  29. Mad Mike  October 12th

    Jack ? OFF?? suits you. Why niot take another of youre Prescription Pills and have a Beer or 4 to amplify its effect and go JACK FUCKING OFF YOU WANKER LOL What a Name Jack suits yiou you fucking Goof.

  30. Mad Mike  October 12th

    Yeah me spellin sucks .English is my 4th language Sorry. To jack again I must say Jack Off you goof,.

  31. irideamotorcyle  April 30th

    this is a challenge to the mouth (first comment from the top)yea, you jack! please come to alabama and act like this at one of our meetings (if, i said, if you truly have the balls to sound off in a magazine, what kind of balls do you have in person? as far as our ol, ladies lookin like fat examples of your mother goes, i,ll just bet that you are probably a virgin.come to alabama and prove me wrong so i can kick your whinning little ass!-bulldog 1%er 4 life!

  32. atteglice  July 8th

    I for the first time here.


  33. Maximina Sesay  March 25th

    I enjoy studying and I think this website got some genuinely utilitarian stuff on it! .

  34. tuah-Alfa75  June 7th

    This is Awesome! I love the Alfa Romeo V6 engine. for the bike.. ermm OK, creative.

  35. Supergeorge  February 12th

    I love this bike, as a biker, and an Alfa fan (old stuff only) This is a great bike, well done !
    There’s a flat four ina a BMW chassis that works very well, but this monster is so cool !
    You people put the fun in this boreing world, keep at it !

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