Have you ever seen the French Majestic Motorcycle created in 1929? One of the most weird motorcycles designs I’ve seen.

Stumbled upon this page by coincidence The Vintagent that has great description of the crazy machine.

Here’s a video where they take a restored Majestic for a test run.

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9 Responses to “Very Odd Piece of Machinery – Majestic Motorcycle 1929”

  1. Trevor  September 21st

    That thing is definitely weird! How does it steer? The front wheel looks locked into place and it has no forks.
    I’ve never seen anything remotely like it.

  2. Jesper Bram  September 21st

    You are right. I have no idea. Must be something that turns in there somewhere.

  3. Arturo Voodoo  October 5th

    That is so neat. Would love to see it up close and ride it. Nice read and thanks for posting. Ride safe.

  4. Nick Robinson  October 8th

    What is the max speed of that model? Really cool!

  5. leslie  October 10th

    Wow that thing is so crazy looking that it makes it look pretty cool. It’s the boat of all bikes. I can’t believe how big it is. I wouldn’t be able to ride since I’m only 5 foot with shoes on but I wouldn’t mind being on the back while someone that new what they were doing was driving. Great find thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  6. Paul Jr  October 10th

    That looks incredibly uncomfortable to ride. But kinda cool looking though.

  7. Jesper Bram  October 11th

    No clue what the max speed is. I’m not sure I would want to try and find it.

  8. Ax1464  October 13th

    Very cool bike. Looks like hub-center steering (HCS) similar to the Yamaha GTS1000 or Bimota Tesi.

  9. Chopper Man  October 21st

    I’m impressed,…mostly because it’s from the 1920’s but also because I’ve never heard of Majestic motorcycles.

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