Very unusual custom bike

August 24th, 2009 Jesper Bram 15 Comments » | View blog reactions

This bike is awesome. So many brilliantly weird details and it’s powered by a Yamaha engine. Click the image to see more photos of it on Flickr. I totally dig it when people go against the stream like that. Would still have been cool with an older Harley engine, but that fact that it’s an XS650 (I think) just makes it so much more fun.

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15 Responses to “Very unusual custom bike”

  1. Udo  August 26th

    That’s no XS 650, looks like a XS 360/400 to me.
    Regards, Udo

  2. Jesper  August 26th

    Ok, if you say so, Udo. I don’t know much about yamaha engines.

  3. Uzay  August 27th

    Nice post and info..Thank you for shairng:=)

  4. RR  August 27th

    Wow, that bike is amazing. I’d love to see it in action…curious how well the bottom of that frame does.

  5. Friend Generator  September 4th

    interesting bike

  6. scooters  September 8th

    This bike is awesome and an easy mode of transporation especially in China and Asian region

  7. 125cc Bikes  September 8th

    A bit low isn’t it! Not too keen on the neon green rims…

  8. Simca  September 8th

    Thanks for sharing this great info …

  9. TemporaryCitizen  September 9th

    That’s awesome.. i’d rock that.

  10. Pan Chopper Man  September 20th

    Looks like something I’d throw together during one of my drunken evenings in my garage.

    I hope he got SOME sort of award for it…

    Pan Chopper Man
    Maine, USA

  11. Frank  October 6th

    Nice motorbike!
    Im going to put it on my website if the owner is OK with that

  12. faizan  October 15th

    that bike must be from 1920z but would be fun to ride on!

  13. P. Veazey  November 17th

    Even Ghost Rider will love it.

  14. Michael Firstman@ Best Mig Welder  November 11th

    I have to agree with the above comment about the neon sick green rims. I think it should have been a couple of shades darker. These low bikes always remind me of the Bat-pod in the Dark Knight movie. Very cool and aggressive.

  15. aprilia rs 125  January 31st

    haha! What a bike. Love to have the skills to do something like that myself.

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