You will have to do this sooner or later, so you might as well learn how.

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20 Responses to “Video: How to pick up a motorcycle”

  1. Video: How to pick up a motorcycle  April 2nd

    […] Video: How to pick up a motorcycle […]

  2. Dan  April 2nd

    Useful post.

    Good idea.

  3. Elizabeth Jury  April 3rd

    This would have been helpful sooner, but being stuck by yourself with a tipped bike is the best teacher. I was pretty close to this, but I did it a little different…don’t quite remember how…I think it was from the tank and handlebars since there was no bar on the back to grab on to.

  4. Jesper  April 3rd

    Don’t you have a bar on the back of your 919, Elizabeth? Mine came with one. It’s pretty helpful when moving the bike around, and when lifting it up in case of a spill (I’ve done it twice).

  5. Elizabeth Jury  April 3rd

    Yeah, but with it on top instead of the side, like on that bike, it makes it akward to pull up like he shows.

  6. Steve Williams  April 5th

    Great video. My Vespa GTS isn’t that heavy but it’s good to know how to do this should I come upon someone who is in this predictament.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  7. harleyback  April 9th

    Wonderful video!
    The best way to pick up a motorcycle is to get help from friends. As a experienced biker, I ever rode off-road with gang of my riding buddies in the club I got my bike tumbled when bouncing a small hill. With my friends’ help, I get back to our crazy road quickly. My advice: Do not ride off road alone unless you are strong man. Lol

  8. zeus  April 21st

    Nice Video, but does it have to take 5.30 min to tell.

  9. How you can easily help out new motorcycle riders | Helmet Hair - Motorcycle Blog  March 15th

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  10. Marnie  May 3rd

    Thanks for the detail – I appreciated the 5.30 to tell. I’m a new biker, and will go out and practice this technique today!!

  11. Skyhogg  May 21st

    I would add that you should place the bike in gear first, especially if you are on uneven ground.

  12. Gina  June 19th

    This is important information to have. I can’t even tell you how frustrating it was to drop my bike at a four-way stop and find that not one person would stop to help me pick it up. And a quick note for those people who think they won’t drop their bikes: You will. It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s simply of matter of “when,” and when it happens you’re going to need to know this.
    Thanks for the video!

  13. jed  October 2nd

    the best way to pick up your bike is to keep your back bent and legs straight lift with a upward jerking motion while facing your bike against traffic, while giving a loud throaty laugh!

  14. Mr.  December 6th

    Ya…my name is Hanz…and I loved ze chocolates ya! I alvays pick up my bike like a big burly german! withen mine legs straight and usually bending over, and i liften ze bike so strong like with my jerking motions. It alvays helps to give ze big burly german throaty laugh…ha ha ha! ya! I do not like seeing little porcelain dolls picking up puny bikes withen a struggle ya! funny porcelain ya! I loven ze chocolate! James is a Burly Man Ya! Ha Ha Ha Ya!

  15. JUNIOR  January 9th

    hecticccc…… good idea brooo… YAMAHA R1 TILL I DIE

  16. Marne  February 22nd

    I think it is really important for us women to learn how to pick up our bikes by ourselves and not have to depend on men to do so cause it may happen some time that you don’t drop it on a busy highway but somewhere that you are by yourself.. Women ‘can’ lift up their own bikes… they just need to learn how.

  17. cindyy  April 26th

    Trying to move all our toys around in the garage to get at the lawn mower, I dropped my Suzuki Maurader. Husband is, of course, not home. Tried unsuccessfully a couple of times,cursing all the while,then came in and watched this video. Went back out to the garage and picked the bike right up!

    REALLY amazing, considering I’m a 51 yr old woman, 5’3″, 180 lbs, and a self-proclaimed couch potato. Follow the directions exactly about where to put your butt and hands and voila!

    Also, I’m a very new rider, and this takes away one of the biggest fears about riding I have – looking stupid and having to ask for help if I drop the bike.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  18. Charon Frey  May 30th

    Thanks for the video, I have been riding for a few years mostly (dual Sport Kawaski 250 and Yahama 454) I have dropped the bikes several times and needed help lifting them. I’m sure this video will help me in the future, I am a 58 5’2″ year old female weighing about 130 (I know overweight-working on that)and I am not very strong, but I will try this next time.

  19. gato13  August 8th

    Useful and resourceful

  20. Mike  October 17th

    I’d cry if my bike fell over, from the amount of time and money I put into it restoring it.

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