The type of motorcycle you own can actually say a lot about your personality. Of course, no two
motorcycle owners are exactly alike, but people who are attracted to similar bikes often share
similar interests in other areas of life. Here’s a list of some popular motorcycles and what owning
them might say about you:

Suzuki Bandit – If you ride any of the many models of Suzuki Bandits, you’re probably a city
slicker, and your bike is most likely your primary mode of transportation. You probably don’t
ride your motorcycle on the weekends for fun. You ride it to work, to meet up with friends, and
to run errands. You’re presumably in college or wait tables, and you probably listen to indie
music on your iPod as you cruise around the city.

Harley-Davidson Sportster – You’re presumably either a loyal Harley fan or going through
a mid-life crisis if you own one of the many Sportster models. You may like American beer,
leather, pit bulls, and biker conventions. If you’re a woman, you probably have big hair, and if
you’re a guy, you most likely have interesting facial hair.

Yamaha R1 – You have a need for speed. You take risks. People wish they could be as brave
and bold as you are. Or your bike just sits in your garage, as you dream of racing on the highway
while you slave away in a corporate job that occupies all your time. Either way, you’re probably
wild at heart.

Honda Gold Wing – If you’re like most Gold Wing owners, your other ride is probably a
suburban, and you likely use your bike to take long, romantic trips with your significant other.
Being comfortable on the open road may be your top priority, and sometimes you might think of
trading your motorcycle in for a boat.

BMW C 650 GT – It’s safe to assume you have good taste. You probably have a deep
appreciation for expensive wine, French food, and modern art. You might live in a fancy
downtown loft with your on-again, off-again significant other. Chances are, you don’t want kids,
and you’re perfectly content zipping around from club to bar to art opening on your motorcycle
after a long week of making money.

Vespa LX 150 –You might have trouble identifying with other motorcyclists, and you probably
primarily use your scooter to get you to your job at the trendy uptown coffee shop. It wouldn’t be
surprising if you’re environmentally aware and ride around on your Vespa to save gas and cash.

Ducati Hypermotard 796 – You’re almost certainly witty and charming. You obviously have a
deep appreciation of the beautiful, elegant things the world has to offer. You also probably have
a more dangerous side, and it might not be uncommon to find you going over the speed limit and
breaking traffic rules on a regular basis.

Is your motorcycle missing from the list? What do you think it says about your personality? Let
us know!

Guest post by author:
Stacy Holmes is a Harley-Davidson fan, mother, and freelance writer for and other motorcycle sites and blogs. When she’s not riding around on
her Sportster, Stacy likes to spend her time writing about her adventures on the open road.

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5 Responses to “What Your Motorcycle Says About Your Personality”

  1. Jason  September 21st

    well I dunno what it says about me, but my current ride is a 2000 Suzuki DRZ400 on/off road bike. I’m considering looking into a Suzuki Bandit next year to add to the stable, but I’m not a city slicker and I prefer my hard rock and heavy metal over that indie rock suggestions above….haha

  2. Trevor  September 21st

    Well I owned a Bandit 1200 and I can tell you that you are off the mark on the personality of it’s owners. I am a value minded fun seeker that will find any excuse to ride, not just commuting to work. Let’s say that owners of this bike are purist and feel no need to look like Joe Rocket when they ride. Bandit owners are in to comfort, performance and classic UJM looks. This bike was a favorite of mine because it was like a Swiss army knife, ready for any type of riding you want and able to pull wheelies for your hooligan side.

  3. Chopper Man  October 21st

    But you didn’t list the leaky old Harley knucklehead rat-bike people….?!

  4. Esteban  February 12th

    This might be the worst list I’ve ever read. “You’re almost certainly witty and charming. You obviously have a
    deep appreciation of the beautiful, elegant things the world has to offer.” What the hell is this, a horoscope? Because someone buys an expensive motorcycle that makes them witty? I bet you ride a Duc, and just think those things about yourself because it’s such an owners club. It’s as bad as Harley riders.

  5. Jesper Bram Gets Props, Stacy Holmes Does Not | YouMotorcycle  May 27th

    […] a lot of cool stuff in there. You might even find a guest post by someone familiar, or you can read Stacy Holmes‘ nonsense yourself. Either way, please check out, once the coolest […]

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