Check this contraption out. Now you know how you can spend the winter on you bike without actually riding (and how to get in touch with you neighbors). If you’re actually nuts enough and have the cash to burn, here’s the guys who make them Xtreme Wheelie Ride.

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16 Responses to “Wheelie simulation machine”

  1. Road Captain  January 15th

    I saw one of these set up at our local Hooters bike night in New Castle, Delaware. It was interesting for a few minutes. It attracted a crowd of sport bike riders, that’s for sure. Of course what wouldn’t draw a crowd in a small parking lot where there is not much to do but walk around and look at the same bikes for the millionth time week after week. Glad I finally figured out there’s more to riding than bike nights at Hooters!

  2. BMWmoto  January 24th

    I wish I had one of these to practice wheelies. I always chicken out just below the sweet spot and tap the brake to bring the front down.

    Plus I could set this up in my living room and ride along with Dust to Glory or something.

  3. Pan Chopper Man  January 26th

    I’d like to see this done with a raked and streched V-twin chopper with a 20″ over front end.
    …Now THAT would be a wheelie!

    Hey Jesper bro, check out my new blog… it’s

    Take it easy,
    Pan Chopper Man

  4. NICOLE OETGEN  January 29th

    I’m the web marketer for and found your site while doing some research for an article we are putting together. I just wanted to say thanks. Great footage, I defiantly want to give this a try, it looks like fun.

  5. ridesaved  January 30th

    so i am thinkin, if the local dept of transportation, hiway patrol, etc.. set these up, then maybe so many sport bikers would be safer and alive because they would have a place to practice besides the freeways with cagers who do not see us…

  6. Jesper  January 30th

    Yea maybe. But some people would probably argue that it might lead to riders practicing their skills in public traffic as well.

    Just like it is with track days. Some say it prevents people from racing in the street, because you blow out your steam on the track. Others say it leads to racing in the streets because you get more confident with racing and believe it’s “safe”.

    Personally i believe that the more training you get of various sorts on your motorcycle, the better/safer rider you become.

  7. Wheelies on a wheelie machine? -  February 5th

    […] heres a recent experiment in the Bronx (notice how smooth they are on the throttle)…..NOT. Wheelie simulation machine | Helmet Hair – Motorcycle Blog […]

  8. BikerPunk  February 22nd

    Bah! Sportbikes are built for track riding not for stunts.
    I saw one of these at a bike show with a chick in a bikini BOUNCING around on it. I must say that was very fun to watch!

  9. scotty b  March 15th

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering. I love the machine. How can I purchased one? I live in Hawaii and can have it shipped here. I have a CBR and love wheelies and think it would be a great investment and really cool. Thaks look forward to hearing from you.

  10. Jesper  March 16th

    Here’s the link to the company that makes them

  11. SATCH  September 3rd

    I, Satch, from Satch Cycles, also known as a professional stunt rider in NEW JERSEY, display this message to every reader. I believe this is a great investment as I myself, Satch of Satch Cycles have become a proud owner an operator/ distributor of Xtreme Wheelie Ride in NEW JERSEY. Since I got my machine ending of July beginning of August, it has shown the motorcycle community a fascinating attraction as well as a learning new experience to the riders who fear but want to overcome a safe way of performing a wheelie. I’ve been booked to be a part of motorcycle events, annual cookouts/bbqs, car and bike shows, fund raisers, motorcycle dealerships, and the list goes on. With this being said, I also provide private lessons. For more feel free to contact me at I’d be glad to answer any questions you have.

    In addition to this message I personally want to include that I am a Honda Certified Red Level Technician. I’ve been in the business for over ten yrs. If your in the region and need any motorcycle repairs contact me via e-mail.

  12. bt_cbb  September 19th

    im trying to get one of these for my clubs clubhouse warming . im in central fla. any ideas?

  13. Dominic  February 15th

    I want to learn how to do a wheelie so I would like to get one of thoes so I can learn things that I dont know on a motorcycle so I would like to here from u so can u please hit me up a.s.s.p

  14. Jesper  February 15th

    I have no idea where to get one Dominic. Try and find some stunt riders in your area, they can probably give you some advice.

  15. Sean Gray  September 20th

    Hey I don’t really know how old these post’s are about the wheelie simulator, but I’m throwing this out here anyway. I’m in Indiana, and I have a Total (All event contracts, contacts, business name, some logo t-shirts, simulator trailer w/ fan, and a 2002 suzuki 750gsxr 7000+ miles) Business for sale $15,500. Most events have been in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. We usually have 10 confirmed before the season even starts. The biggest being the XDL event in INDY during Moto GP weekend, if you wanted to travel a bunch you could go to all of the XDL events. Will deliver to surrounding states for $250. email

  16. Dennis Montoure  March 8th

    Hello there! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

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