Do you think you would find your next used motorcycle here?

August 28th, 2012 Jesper Bram Comments Off on Do you think you would find your next used motorcycle here? | View blog reactions

I got contacted by a guy named Tom Kazarian who built a motorcycle-forum-for-sale-section-harvest-website called Lionseek.

I had a look at his site. Not at all a bad idea they have. Although unless you are looking for extremely rare motorcycles I would say it is not to much use without a geographic filtering option. Unlike their demo with watches, that can easily be shipped all over the world ( Motorcycles is a little hard to just stuff in an envelope. Geography plays a significant role in most motorcycle purchases.

They got some problems with redundant listings. I saw too many motorcycles listed two or three times. Then of course there’s the issue of the items already being sold. I clicked through to one bike I thought was special, and it was already sold. As with any other type of search service, the key element is to eliminate all the useless information, and show me only what I need. Not an easy task at all, I know.

All in all I think the idea is pretty good. But it needs a lot of work to be ready for real people in my opinion. Unlike “users*” we are not a mindless horde of button clickers just looking for more data to devour. We tend to be loyal to who ever gives us what we need to achieve our goals easiest and fastest. In a world where it’s normal to hire other people for finding the information you want. Lionseek have definitely seen something right. But the question is: Who are they building it for?

Is it built for the wealthy motorcycle connoisseur who search for one specific model and year of motorcycle anywhere in the world? I can not think of any regular motorcycle rider who would actually be searching that wide for a used motorcycle. At least you would need to know what part of the world you are searching in. Or maybe it’s just for satisfying your curiosity about what motorbikes other riders have. That it can be used for right away.

To my knowledge of selling used motorcycles. Usually you put your bike up for sale on all the usual classifieds websites in your area, and then maybe you post it in a forum as well. So won’t all the bike you find be something you’ve seen before, if you are looking to purchase a used motorcycle?

Not sure it’s something that is needed at all. But a site that shows all current motorcycles for sale through all available channels and markets any where in the world. That would impress me. Lionseek for motorcycles. At the moment not much more than a place to tickle your curiosity.

(* The word “USER” is the flattering term engineers like to call the people who they solve problems for. 9 times out of 10 it’s a good indication that someone have been doing some ball dropping in the design department.)

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