Worlds largest motorcycle
So you like ’em big do you. I doesn’t get any bigger than this freaking huge motorcycle. I’m not sure how this monstrosity qualifies as a motorcycle, but apparently Guinness World Records seem to think so. That makes it the worlds largest (tallest, actually) motorcycle. It took Gregory Dunham 3 years to build, and it cost him 300.000$. But then he’s also got a 3.429 m (11 ft and 3 inch) tall behemoth of a contraption sporting 500hp and a whooping top speed of 65 mph.

First question that pop into your mind is: why? As Gregory see it that answer is easy; they said he couldn’t.

Via: Winding Road

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14 Responses to “Behold the worlds largest motorcycle”

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    […] So you thought your motorcycle is big enough? Check out world’s largest motorcycle, which seems huge and took Gregory Dunham 3 years to build. Not to mention the $300.000 spent on that. […]

  2. James -  February 16th

    Tallest, I can see that, but this one has got to be the longest:

  3. Daveroad  February 25th

    That is one big ass bike, is the one next to it this bike?

  4. Rev. VTX  August 6th

    This appears to me to have six tires on the ground. I can count four from this angle. If so, that would put Guinness in error.

  5. carlson  October 10th


  6. jim jones  December 6th

    If you watch the video, at least some of the secondary smaller rear wheels lift up hydraulically while it’s in motion.

  7. KP  January 28th

    Looking for events to attend, companies that wish to use us for advertising and someone that would like to buy this bike.

  8. Mike  June 27th

    World largest turd. Take the training wheels off and it might qualify as a bike.

  9. Mike  June 27th

    Dude, just because you can does not mean you should.

  10. KP  June 29th

    For the idiots that can’t think outside the box. Yes there are six wheels, how do you think he stabilizes the bike? They are hydralic and lift off the ground. It had to ride on 2 wheels to qualify for Guinness.

  11. Ghause6a7  November 8th

    I love it,it is my grandpa that owns it, and I live with him so I can go to school every day knowing that I live with a kinda famous peep.And even though he uses some extra wheels,you have to think if you would rather have those on or fall on your ass?Which One do you pick?

  12. tony  December 15th

    thats cool! I really lice itt im gonna azk zamta for it for chrisophermas! i hupe he gets me it!!!!!!!!

  13. Hair-Necessities  May 28th

    They definitely don’t come any bigger than that…. Or do they???

  14. PVT. tony wooley  January 25th

    hey thats a huge freaking bike lol. i have a question where wolud you keep that sucker at its 11 foot tall that stupidly tall.

Worlds largest motorcycle

February 15th, 2007 Jesper Bram 1 Comment » | View blog reactions

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One Response to “Worlds largest motorcycle”

  1. Graham  October 14th

    Hello just stumbled your blog and have been reading some of your posts and it is pretty good. Been thinking about starting one blog for myself too.

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