You might have forgotten, or at least you don’t think about it much. But if you really try to recall, what is the first memory you have about motorcycles? When did the bug bite?

Here’s when the bug bit me
I didn’t really have motorcycles in my life when I was a kid, so as far as I can recall my first memory was from TV. Back in the eighties when I was in my early teens (1985-86) there was this Sci-fi tv series called V about aliens trying to take control of earth. They disguised them selves as friends, but really needed humans for food.

Of course some humans bought it and willingly visited the alien space ships never to be seen again. But not the merry band of humans forming a resistance who fought to blow the aliens cover. One of the resistance members was a kid who rode a dirt bike. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a motorcycle riding rebel fighting to save the world, when I grew up.

When did the motorcycle bug bite you?
The idea for this post came from Grail over at Knucklebuster who asked the same question to a bunch of big wigs within the sub (k)ulture of (k)ustom motorcycles. But how about you, what is you first memory?

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19 Responses to “Your first motorcycle memory”

  1. unclejerry  April 15th

    I’ve always loved motorcycles but never had anybody in the immediate family who owned one so I was never around them much. But one time in grade school a babysitters boyfriend came over and he had some kind of Honda scooter. It was a bigger one with saddle bags and a trunk bag. Anyways he took me on a ride around the block and it was the scariest but most exciting ride i had ever been on at that young age and I knew then that someday I would have a motorcycle. I couldn’t believe that you could lean that far over and not turn the bike over!!! Later on in junior high we got a 250cc 4 wheeler and a little Honda 50cc scooter that we tore the hell out of riding in a cow pasture. But it wasn’t until just last year at the age of 31 my brother-in-law and I decided to take the motorcycle safety course and a few months later I was the proud owner of a 2001 Honda Shadow VLX. It may be a smaller bike but for a beginner it’s true greatness.

  2. Motorcycle videos  April 15th

    Mine was when I was 10 and my father took me on a ride on a Suzuki 250. I was so scared but also wanted one for myself as soon as my feet could touch the ground.

  3. Cristian Dorobantescu  April 17th

    Mine was going to a bikers meeting in the mountains, and a couple of rides with my uncle. I remember even now the first ride as a passenger – it was at the seaside and I thought it’s fast!

  4. aNoop aka --xh--  April 18th

    my first memory is of a ride asride on the petrol tank of a Royal enfield 350CC single, ahen i was aout 8. The bike was ridden by my dads cousin, and though my dad had a scooter and i used to help him to work on it, it is this ride which made me want to get a bike of my own…

  5. CBR600RR  April 18th

    I first got interested in motorcycles in college. I went to school in Norfolk VA, and everyone has a crotch rocket.

    They looked like a lot of fun especially during the summer as VA Beach is the place to be (drive the strip).

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  6. Jesper  April 18th

    My first actual motorcycle ride, years before I had my own license, was on the back of a mates 500cc something. Can’t remember the make, but damn I thought it was fast.

    The experience of speed seems to be something we all have in common. I rember putting my head out in the wind with the visor open. Felt like it was going to rip my noggin off.

    Doesn’t really come across that extreme anymore does it 🙂 (I wonder if that’s a good thing)

  7. BMWmoto  April 21st

    I always wanted a motorcycle but my parents had witnessed a huge crash… So I talked my buddy into getting one and I split it with him and kept it in his garage.

    When I got a little older I decided I wanted another one. To appease my mother I bought a scooter and let her ride around on it. As soon as she said “thats fun and it doesn’t seem dangerous” I went to the BMW dealer and bought an R1100R.

    I was 17 and still living at home for the first one… The BMW came when I was about 26.

    Since then I’ve had a BMW R1150GS, an F650GS, a R1150GSA and now own a KTM 640 Adventure and a BMW G650X. I’ve put at least 100,000 miles on motorcycles and will never go without one again.

    The first bike was a Honda Rebel 250 painted with an American flag on the tank.

  8. Highwaylass  April 22nd

    2 things – a British TV programme called “Kick Start,” which was trail and enduro racing for kids, and a fashion spread in “Looks” magazine around 1986 which made over a lady courier and photographed her in top kit beside a Kawasaki GpZ500 on Chelsea Bridge. I thought, I’ll have me a piece of that. Took 10 years and I’ve gone down the Brit Iron route instead, but I’ve still got the picture somewhere 🙂

  9. Keyser Soze  April 27th

    I was 4. It was 1976. Dad got an RM125. I thought it was neat, went up to it and grabbed the pipe with my hand… Burned the crap out of me.

  10. ATV Urge  April 29th

    When I saw evil Knievel as a kid. Though it was the coolest thing ever. Still do 🙂

  11. Motorbike Exhausts  May 1st

    I remember StreetHawk the TV series from when I was a kid, still occasionally find myself humming the theme tune to myself in my helmet when riding!

  12. The Rockman  May 5th

    When I was about 10 I saw a 30’s model Indian at the state fair. It had the most beautiful shape with flared fenders and the shiniest red paint. I just couldn’t get over how cool the it was. Indians are still my favorites. Ride on, man!

  13. Rockatansky  May 8th

    The bike scene in Tron!!!

    I wanted a Motorcycle and a computer rigth away!!!!!

  14. Panic  May 18th

    My first time was on my dads NSU Max. I was 5 or 6 and I was sitting in front of my dad. Sacary, but great. It was a great summer’s day in Germany, on vacation at my grannies.
    The when I was 16 I saw my first biker B-movie, Wild Angles, and from then on all I wanted was a Panhead chopper.

  15. Kenneth L Springhetti  August 14th

    My first memory is learning to ride a Honda Trail 90 in the sandpits behind the old Louden Raceway the weekend my Uncle Glenn was racing his Suzuki 500. I was 12 years old.. it was summer of 1986.. My grandfather has a video of me riding it.. I remember it like it was yesterday..

    Kenneth L. Springhetti

  16. fairings  September 3rd

    Got my first scooter way back in ’86, when i was 12. Whew, that was a long time ago, but it never fails to amaze me how our father’s hobbies ultimately become our own.

  17. youngun  October 27th

    Dad started taking me for rides on his ’73 r60/6 when I was around 7 or so. I love that bike, so much so that he’s about to give the keys to me (he has a rockster now). When I turned 15, I said to him that I wanted a scooter, He said they were too dangerous and I was getting a proper bike instead.

  18. Justin Wyatt  November 9th

    I wrote a review on my first motorcycle and this blog reminded me of it. I believe my first bite was my father’s tales of his exploits on his xr as a kid, I remember writing a story about getting one in like 3rd grade. We were too broke to ever buy one when I was a kid, and I was kinda immature with my spending habits until a while back when I recently purchased my brand new Suzuki SV650, my article explains my personal experience much better than this comment can.
    My first motorcycle – The Suzuki SV650

  19. BikeWeeks  January 20th

    My first motorcycle memories are like ATV Urge, seeing Evel Knievel on TV when I was around 8-10yo and wanting a motorcycle. Luckily where I grew up at the time we had motocross eventa and trails to ride. My parents sprung for a 80cc Honda dirtbike and I was hooked.

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